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Welcome to the Baptist - Anabaptist Historical web site
Dedicated to the study of the New Testament Church:
Its Nature, Origin, History and Succession.

"To destroy a people you must first sever their roots."    Alexander Solzenitisyn

    Because of great misrepresentations of the history and lineage of the Church which Jesus Christ built, this site has been established. It is a defense made on the behalf of churches which have no human element in their origin, but God only as Founder and Head.
    Many churches existing today have been falsely identified as Protestant churches and being of the Reformation movement. True Baptist Churches are not of the Reformation, not Protestant, nor have any desire to be named with them.
    Further, the ancient churches from the beginning of the Catholic State Church till the Reformation have been slanderously accused of many falsehoods and denied their rightful place in the succession of the Lord's Church.
    The very nature of the Church has also undergone a redefining by prejudice and predisposition. This has been done by many who wish to justify their ideology of tradition and self-directed religion.
    These issues are addressed in this study.

    Wm. F. Bekgaard, Carson California.

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    Church Succession: Myth or Fact?
Part One: Understanding the Church
     The Church Defined and its Nature.
      ** Universal and Visible ?
      ** Universal and Invisible ?
      ** Local and Visible ?
      ** The Practical Importance of the Church Defines the Church
Part Two: History of the Church
     Church Origin / Pentecost or Before?
     The Anabaptists and Baptists
     The Search for Doctrine and The Role of Associations
     Church Perpetuity and the Baptist.
     Defense of the New Testament Church
     Church Metaphors
     A 1575 Confession of Faith Made by Two Baptist Martyrs.
     The New Hampshire Confession.
Appendix, for those desiring a little more history and commentary.
     The State of Affairs In The Second Century.
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