I suppose bibliography is not technically correct for this list of reference material. Not all these books have been quoted as references in this work. However, in my research I found these books and pamphlets useful and history students might appreciate this listing. Some are not sympathetic of the Baptists and many do not support church succession, but contain good historical records.


A History of the English Baptists (6Vols.): Joseph Ivimey * Unable to locate this work in its entirety.
A History of the English Church and People: Bede. Dorset Press,1985
A Treatise of Baptism: Henry Danvers. Sprinkle Publications, 2004
Baptist Church Perpetuity: W. A. Jarrel. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1894
Baptist Confession, Covenants, and Catechisms: John Broadus, Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1999
Baptist Confessions of Faith: W. L Lumpkin. Judson Press, 1974
Baptist History: J. M. Cramp. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1869
Baptist Succession: D. B. Ray. Larry Harrison, 2001
Baptist Thorough Reformers: J. Q. Adams. Backus Book Publishers, 1982
Contending for the Faith (Update of J. T. Christian History of the Baptist – 2 Vols.): R. Ashcraft. Bogard Press, 2006
Ecclesiastical History (6 Vols): J. L. Mosheim. Edinburgh, 1819
Ecclesiastical Researches: Robert Robinson. Church history Research & Archives, 1984
Foxe’s Christian Martyrs of the World: Moody Press, 1964?
History of Baptist: G. H. Orchard. Bogard Press, 1987
History of Baptism: Robert Robinson, -American Edition- Boston, 1817
History of the Donatists: D. Benedict. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1875
History of the Welsh Baptists: J. Davis. Church History Research & Archives, 1982
I Will Build My Church: T. M. Strouse. Cushing-Malloy, Inc. 2004
Lectures in Systematic Theology: Thiessen. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 1975
Martyrs Mirror: T. J. van Braght. Harold Press, 2006
Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches: F. Wayland. Baptist Heritage Press, 1988
Real Churches of a Fog: S. E. Anderson. Bogard Press, 1975
Systematic Theology (8 Vols.): L. S. Chafer. Dallas Seminary Press. 1974
The American Baptist Heritage in Wales: J. Thomas. Church history Research and Archives Affiliation, 1976
The Anabaptist Story: William Estep. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1975
The Battle for Baptist History: I. K. Cross. Brentwood Christian Press, 1990
The Bogomils of Bulgaria and Bosnia: L. P. Brockett. Vance Publications, 2001,
The Church, an Exhaustive Study: L. L. Clover. Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary, 1973
The Churches of the Valley of Piemont: Samuel Moreland. Franklin Printing Company, 1955 – also published under the title: The history of the Evangelical Churches of the Valleys of Piemont (2 Vols.) - The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc.
The Emphasized Bible: Rotherham. Kregel Publications, 1971
The First Church: S. E. Anderson. The Challenge Press, 1973
The History of the Baptists (2 Vols.): Thomas Armitage. Maranatha Baptist Press, 1976
The History of the English Baptists (4 Vols.): Thomas Crosby. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1738
The House of God: W. C. Hawkins & W. A. Ramsey. Hall Mark Baptist Church, 1992
The Israel of the Alps (2 Vols.): A Muston. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1875
The Key of Truth: Conybeare. Elibron Classics, 2004
The Nature of the Church: Earl D. Radmacher. Western Baptist Press, 1972
The Origin of the Baptists: S. F. Ford. Kingsport Press, Inc. 1950
The Pilgrim Church: Broadbent. Gospel Folio Press, 1999
The Records of A Church of Christ (The Broadmead Church): The Hanserd Knollys Society. J. Haddon, Castle Street, Finsbury, 1848
The Reformers and Their Stepchildren: L. Verduin. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1964
The Story of the Baptist in All Ages and Countries: R. B. Cook. The Baptist Standard Bearer, Inc. Original Publication 1888
Waldensian Researches: Gilly. Gilbert & Rivington, Printers, 1831


Biblico-Theological Lexicon of the New Testament Greek: Cremer, T & T Clark, 1962
Greek-English Lexicon: Thayer, Zondervan Publishing House, 1972
Synonyms of the New Testament: Trench, Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1975
Theological Dictionary of the New Testament: Kittle Editor, Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1993
Word Pictures in the New Testament: A. T. Robertson, Broadman Press, Copyright 1930.

      Pamphlets & Periodicals

Baptist Heritage Abandoned: I. K. Cross. Bogard Press, 1981
The Reformation and Baptist Compromise: I K. Cross. Bogard Press, 2000
The Schleitheim Confession: J. H. Yoder. Harold Press, 1977
The Trail of Blood: J. M. Carroll. Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, 1993
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